Friday, October 28, 2005

HB 1631: College Vehicle Registration

H.B. 1631, P.N. 2016 (BOYD) This would amend Title 75 (Vehicles).

This would extend to a vehicle owned by an institution of higher learning to the lists of vehicles that need not be registered so long as such vehicle travels only one mile or less on a property where both sides of the road are within college property . Current law provides similar registration exemptions for vehicles driven on golf courses and on resorts.

HB 280: Sale of School Land or Building

H.B. 280, P.N. 2454 (HALUSKA). This would amend the Public School Code, Act 14 of 1949, P.L. 30.

This would prohibit a school district from selling land or buildings for less than fair market value, unless it is donating the property to a local government or to a nonprofit corporation.

The House and Senate Education Committee Chairs would be notified of all intentions of school districts to sell land or buildings.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

HB 2142: Biennial Automobile Inspections

H.B. 2142, P.N. 2921 (BALDWIN). This would amend Title 75 (Vehicles).

Automobile inspections would be required biennially instead of annually. A vehicle would not be required to be inspected for three years after being purchased if it has under 5,000 odometer miles, has a registration plate transferred from another vehicle, and has never been registered before.

HB 2141: Prohibit Regulating Fuel Additives

H.B. 2141, P.N. 2920 (GEIST). This would create the Fuel Additive Regulatory Control Act.

This would prohibit the Environmental Quality Board from regulating the specifications for motor fuel.

HB 2140: Ending the Emission Inspection Program

H.B. 2140, P.N. 2919 (BALDWIN) This would amend Title 75 (Vehicles).

The emission inspection program would end at the end of next year.

H.B. 2089. Making English the Official Language

H.B. 2089, P.N. 2879 (SATHER). This would create the Pennsylvania Official English Act.

This would make English the official language of Pennsylvania.

HB 2067: Constitutional Amendment Limiting Budget Growth

H.B. 2067, P.N. 2917 (ALLEN). This would amend the Constitution.

This would limit increases in state appropriations to allowing budget increases to be as much as increases in the consumer price index, as well as to include funds for Federal mandates, pension obligations, debt repayment, court orders, and declared emergencies or major disasters.

Surplus budget fundswould be placed in the Budget Stabilization Reserve Fund or refunded on a pro rata basis to Pennsylvania citizens.

HB 1992: Red Light Camera Statistical Information

H.B. 1992, P.N. 2734 (GEIST). This would amend Title 75 (Vehicles).
This would permit the release of statistical information on Philadelphia’s red light camera violations and fines as well as payments to vendors and manufacturers.

HB 1928: Transporting Modular Undercarraiges

H.B. 1928, P.N. 2882 (HARRIS). This would amend Title 75 (Vehicles).
Three or fewer empty modular undercarriages may be permitted for movement and for a return trip at any time except for holidays and during inclement weather.

HB 1967: Conveyance in Doylestown

H.B. 1967, P.N. 2885 (McILHINNEY). This would amend a conveyance Act 121 of 2004, P.L. 886.
This would extend for an additional year the time period in which the General Services Department may convey property in Doylestown to several parties, including the Borough of Doylestown. If the conveyance is not completed by any deadline, the property could be sold by bid or by auction. The Borough of Doylestown would be required to pay the maintenance costs and the costs of securing the land and property that used to house the Doylestown Armory.

HB 1929: Tax on Services

H.B. 1920, P.N. 2521 (ROHRER) This would amend the Tax Reform Code, Act 2 of 1971, P.L. 6.
This would have non-medical services subject to the sales and use tax.
The sales and use tax would be reduced from 6% to 5%.
The sales and use tax exclusion would be extended to include retail sales to private schools, parochial schools, and home education programs.

Capital Facilities Debt

H.B. 1802, P.N. 2566 (FEESE). This would amend the Capital Facilities Debt Enabling Act 1 of 1999, PL. 1.

The debt limit on redevelopment assistance capital projects would increase from $2,150,000,000 to $2,650,000,000. $25,000,000 or less could be used for constructing housing units.