Tuesday, March 29, 2005

HB 700: Lobbying Disclosure

H.B. 700, P.N. 917 (MAHER). This would amend Title 65 (Public Officers).
This would create the Lobbying Disclosure Act. A lobbyist or lobbying firm would be required to register as a lobbyist within ten days of receiving $2,500 compensation or uses $2,500 of employee time for lobbying activity, or for expending over $500 in gifts, hospitality, transportation, or lodging to a state official, state employee, or member of the immediate family of such.
A registered principal lobbyist would be required to file quarterly reports, whenever quarterly expenses exceed $500, that include the total costs of direct influence expenses, indirect influence expenses, or total costs of gifts, hospitality, transportation, lodging, and receptions given to state official, state employees, or their immediate families.
The Ethics Commission would be able to investigate violations of this Act, impose civil penalties, and refer cases to the Attorney General for criminal investigation.


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