Tuesday, March 29, 2005

HB 88: Comprehensive Watershed Storm Water

H.B. 88, P.N. 82 (STEIL). This would create the Comprehensive Watershed Storm Water Act.
A county or a joint agency would be able to create a comprehensive watershed storm water plan that is generally consistent with county and municipal planning comprehensive plans. The plan would prioritize the construction of storm water facilities and specify a time frame for implement a storm water plan. A county would be able to create and collect a storm water real property fee. The county would reimburse a municipality for its infrastructure construction and maintenance costs as identified by the plan. The Environmental Protection Department would be provide grants to counties and municipalities for three fourths the costs of preparing their plans. The legislature would determine the amount of funds available. 5% of these grant or loan funds could be used for acquiring property or for demolition of property where existing state funds are prohibited from being used. A public hearing on the plan would be required. A municipality would review its ordinances and regulations for conformity with this plan.


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