Wednesday, April 13, 2005

HB 218: Downtown Law Definitions

H.B. 218, P.N. 244 (REED) This would amend the Downtown Law, Act 32 of 2000, P.L. 318.
This would change the definition of “downtown area” to a recognized place of distinct pedestrian orientation with central streets and intersecting cross streets, or in a city with multiple business districts, the center of economic, social, and civic activity. This would replace the current definition of a downtown city being the central business district or, in the case of Philadelphia, the entire city.
This would create the definition of “pedestrian orientation” as also designed with an emphasis on pedestrian access with sidewalks, widows or display cases along facing building facades, lots primarily covered by buildings, and generally limited parking areas.
This would create the definition of “sense of place” as a unique location different from its surroundings that could include open space, public squares, village commons, plazas, gezebos, courtyards, and historic main streets.
This would create the definition of “rectilinear street grid pattern” as one that is regularly squared, rectangular, or trapezoidal blocks and four way intersections.


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