Tuesday, August 02, 2005

H.B. 493: Providing for a County Records Improvement Fund

H.B. 493, P.N. 532 (PISTELLA) – This bill would amend the act of June 12, 1919 (P.L. 476, No. 240), known as the Second Class County Recorder of Deeds Fee Law.
This bill establishes a County Records Improvement Fund and five dollar charge for each document recorded by the recorder of deeds. The fee would be in addition to the “regular” fee charged by a recorder of deeds. 60% of the additional fee shall go towards a independent fund that will be used to develop and improve office records management and systems in the office of recorder or deeds. The remaining 40% of the money raised by the fee will be used to fund the County Records Improvement Fund, which will be used to bring to standards the management capabilities of all counties. Each county shall establish a County Records Improvement Committee charged with assessing the records management capabilities and records management needs of each office and developing recommendations to the county council.


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