Tuesday, March 29, 2005

HB 761: Invasion of Privacy

H.B. 761, P.N. 923 (FAIRCHILD). This would amend Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses).
This would expand the crime of “invasion of privacy” to include, for purpose of sexual arousal or gratifying another’s sexual desire, electronically depicting or otherwise recording a nude person at a time such a person would reasonable expect privacy; viewing, videotaping, electronically depicting, filming, or recording a person’s intimate body part, clothed or not, when such a person did not intend such body part to be visible to normal public observation and was done without such a person’s knowledge and consent; or transferring such an image onto the Internet, through electronic mail, by live or recorded telephone message, or any other image storing transfer medium. Each offense against each victim would be a separate violation.


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