Friday, May 06, 2005

HB 1313: Researching Unemployment Compensation Data

H.B. 1313, P.N. 1561 (BOYD) This would amend the Unemployment Compensation Law, Act 1 of the Second Special Session of 1937, P.L. 2897.
This would add to the list of data analyzed by the State Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council to include data on the number of claimants for unemployment compensation who were unavailable for work, received improper payments when newly hired, who received improper payments, and who appealed and a breakdown of how these appeals were decided, as well as the amount of funds spent by the Commonwealth on employment services, the number of claimants for unemployment compensation referred to CareerLink, and how many claimants referred to CareerLink used CareerLink. The Council would also study the number of hew hires within Pennsylvania each year, the number of positions posted with CareerLink, the average time to fill these positions, the number of job referrals made by CareerLink, and the number of employers who approach CareerLink seeking job referrals and interviews. The Council would also review the number of errors and intentional misreports by employers and the total outstanding back unemployment taxes owed by employers, the average time it takes to complete a field investigation into wage reports, the number of times employers were charged with fraud, and the number of times a claimant’s primary language was not English. The Council would also study the procedures for identifying unlawful underpayments of unemployment insurance.


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