Wednesday, May 11, 2005

HB 617: Crane Operator Licensure

H.B. 617, P.N. 690 (CIVERA) This would create the Crane Operator Licensure Act.
A State Board of Crane Operators would be established within the Labor and Industry Department. This Board would adopt standards consistent with recognized nationally certification programs to certify a person to be employed as a crane operator, issue such a license, and be able to renew, suspend, or revoke such a license. The Governor would appoint, subject to Senate confirmation, the Board members.
In order to become a license crane operator, a person would need at least 1,000 hours of certain crane-related experiences, be at least age 18, receive national certification as a care operator, and be medically and physically capable to perform such duties.


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All the talk about CCO and operator certification I wonder if anyone has ever considered making mandatory the certification of project engineers, general contractions, site engineers, salesman, and the men at the top of the crane feeder crane accountable for there proper spec-ing out of the crane before it arrives on site. STOP PASSING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ENGINEERS AND GENERAL CONTRACTORS THE MEN WHO SHOULD KNOW THAT 100 TON CRANE CAN'T LIFT 100 TONS ANYWHERE! We all know this happens all this is is passing the responsibility down to the lowest paid man on the job THE OPERATOR!!!! Why not make it mandatory to also have lift plans for all lifts over 2 tons mandatory and let the degreed men do there job. Not that operator licensing is bad but why are you stopping here ALL BIG LIFTS SHOULD BE ENGINEERED BY MEN WHO PAID GOOD MONEY TO GO TO COLLEGE and should be able to figure out how a crane works and the SAFEST way to utilize the MOST DANGEROUS PIECE OF EQUIPMENT ON ANY JOB SITE!!!

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