Friday, June 03, 2005

HB 1579: Rights of a Resource Parent

H.B. 1579, P.N. 1980 (HICKERNELL) This would create the Resources Family Care Act.
A temporary foster or kinship parent would have a right, from a children and youth social agency, to receive treatment with respect and personal dignity, notification of scheduled meeting regarding case planning and decision making regarding the cared for child, to receive support services consistent with an approved permanency plan, to receive compete and timely responses when contacted, to receive information regarding the child’s medical history and behavior, to be able to consult in developing a permanency plan, to receive assistance for dealing with separation when the child leaves, to receive information on relevant policies and procedures including how to contract and to receive services, receive confidentiality regarding abuse allegations, and present statements regarding agency decisions and practices. Each resource parent would be provided a list of these responsibilities.


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