Tuesday, August 02, 2005

H.B. 1648: Changing Eligibility for and Compensation of District Attorneys

H.B. 1648, P.N. 2076 (O’BRIEN) – This bill would amend the act of August 9, 1955 (P.L. 323, No. 130), known as The County Code.
This bill would make changes regarding the eligibility and service requirements and the compensation level for district attorneys in third through eighth class counties. This bill would also make the position of District Attorney within third through seventh (and depending upon certain criteria, eighth) class counties a full-time occupation. Additionally, the following standards would be established for District Attorney eligibility: an increased minimum age from 18 to 25; required admission to the bar at least one year prior to serving as a district attorney; and a two-year requirement of residency in the county of election or appointment prior to taking office.


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