Saturday, April 09, 2005

HB 1257: Philadelphia Port Background Checks

H.B. 1257, P.N. 1483 (TIGUE) This would amend the Philadelphia Regional Authority Port Authority Act 50 of 1989, P.L. 291.
This would require the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority to implement fingerprint-based criminal history background checks on all personnel who work, or may be expected to work, loading or offloading military equipment. Such personnel would be provided with special identification cards. A criminal history check would be conducted again on each such person at least once every five years. A person who, over the past seven years, has been convicted of a felony involving force, an act of terrorism, a crime involving a weapon of mass destruction, drug trafficking, selling or delivering or manufacturing a controlled substance, using a firearm during a felony, theft, robbery, receiving stolen property, or any crime involving the possession of a firearm would be prohibited from employment with the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority.


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