Friday, May 06, 2005

HB 1370: Cognitive Impairment Support Services

H.B. 1370, P.N. 1658 (WOJNAROSKI) This would create the Cognitive Impairment Support Services Certification Act.
The Aging Department would certify a qualified person with a cognitive impairment services certificate. To become a qualified, a person would complete a court on caring for a person with cognitive impairment within an adult daily living center in addition to required training and staff orientation.
The Aging Department and the Public Welfare Department would create rules and regulations to providing a facility with a cognitive impairment support services certificate. The procedures such rules and regulations would cover would include admission, discharge, and transfer of clients with cognitive impairment, availability of wandering space, provision of therapeutic activities, physical design, safety requirements, electronic monitoring, staffing, and notification procedures when a resident with cognitive impairment wanders away from the facility. In order for a facility to receive a cognitive impairment support services certificate, the facility administrators would have to be so certified. An administrator would be required to demonstrate proficiency in diagnosing dementia and related disorder, communication techniques, knowledge of behavioral symptoms of dementia, conflict avoidance and conflict resolution techniques, dementia care, and knowledge of resources for people with dementia and their families.
Before a certified facility discharges or transfer a client with cognitive impairment, the facility would be required to provide a responsible family member or legal representative with at least 30 days notice of such intent. Such discharge or transfer would require the approval of said family member or legal representative as well as a physician.


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