Saturday, May 07, 2005

HB 994: Special Education Funding

H.B. 994, P.N. 1140 (STAIRS) This would require the Commonwealth to pay each school district for special education either the same amount as the previous year, or an amount equal to:
The district’s market value divided by either a.) the personal income aid ratio or b.) .5, whichever is the larger denominator; the product of which would be multiplied by the district’s expenditures on special education programs (including related costs such as salaries, maintenance services, books, and supplies related to special education, but not including administrative instructional support, pupil personnel, appraisal services, psychological testing, speech pathology and audio services, supervision speech pathology and audio services, social work services, computer assisted instruction services, instruction and curriculum development services, instruction staff development services, legal services, principal office services, medical services, nursing services, transportation services, and staff development) three years prior to the year in which expenditures are to be made.


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