Friday, May 06, 2005

HB 1365: Foreign Adoptions

H.B. 1365, P.N. 1653 (BIRMELIN) This would amend Title 23 (Domestic Relations).
The final adoption decree of a child adopted in another state or a foreign country who is adopted by a Pennsylvania resident would be filed with the Clerk of Orphans
Court in the county where the adopting parent resides. This file would be withheld from inspection except from a court order. The identity of the birth parents would not be required to be so filed.
The Clerk would issue a certification of adoption to the adopting parent(s) after a properly authenticated foreign adoption decree has been filed. The Clerk would file an adoption certificate with the Vital Statistics Bureau.
The name of an adopted child would be permitted to be changed from the name listed on the foreign adoption decree.


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