Friday, May 06, 2005

HB 1446: Home-Based Care

H.B. 1446, P.N. 1744 (GINGRICH) This would create the Home-Based and Community-Based Services Accountability Act.
A home-based and community-based services manager would be required to privately meet a consumer at least once a month, without the presence of the provider or any other person, although a registered nurse would be permitted to be present.
A care manager would at least annually review and determine such a customer’s services and care plan.
The Area Agency on Aging would have overall responsibility for such a customer’s care management and would coordinate supportive customer services.
A provider would be required to obtain a criminal history record and a communicable disease screening of an employee. Both types of record would be required to be updated every five years.
No provider or employee would be allowed to be appointed a guardian of a consumer, act under a power of attorney for a consumer, be a beneficiary of a consumer’s insurance policy or annuity, or serve as executor a consumer’s estate.


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