Saturday, April 09, 2005

HB 1022: Long Term Care Patient Access to External Source Drugs

H.B. 1022, P.N. 1168 (BOYD) This would create the Long-Term Care Patient Access to Pharmaceuticals Act.
This would state that a pharmacist employed or contracted by a long-term care facility may dispense to the facility’s patient a drug acquired from a drug source external to the long-term care facility so long as there is a prescription for such drug and both the prescriber and the patient have authorized this. This pharmacist could charge the patient a fee for repackaging and re-labeling the drug and would have civil immunity for properly dispensing the drug upon so notifying the patient of this. The dispenser of the drug and the long-term care facility would be required to maintain records of these drug dispensations and keep them for at least two years.


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