Saturday, April 09, 2005

HR 75: Economic Competitiveness Commission

H.R. 75, P.N. 450 (ARGALL) This proposes a Concurrent Resolution to establish a Commission to study and recommend ways to improve the economic competitiveness of the various local communities throughout the Commonwealth. This Commission would review state funding decisions and list ways to promote private sector redevelopment opportunities. The Commission would be composed of four people appointed by the Governor (with one from a municipal governing body, one from the business community, and one from a nonprofit organization with related expertise) and with two appointments each provided to the Senate President Pro Tempore, Senate Majority Leader, Senate Minority Leader, House Speaker, House Majority Leader, and House Minority Leader, with limitations on only one of each such appointment could be a state official or employee, and would also consist of the Chairmen and Minority Chairmen of the Senate Appropriations Committee and of the House Appropriations Committee or their designees, and as ex official nonvoting members, the Secretaries of Community and Economic Development, Environmental Protection, Transportation, Budget, as well as the Work Force Investment Director and the Housing and Community Development Director, or their designees.


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