Saturday, April 09, 2005

HB 185: Nutritious School Food/Product Advertising at Schools

H.B. 185, P.N. 189 (STAIRS) This would amend the Public School Code, Act 14 of 1949, P.L. 30.
A School District governing body would be prohibited from entering into a contract where students would be provided with non-nutritious food and beverages, unless it hold a public hearing on this, adopts internal controls to protect public funds, contracts that a school district employee would be prohibited from disparaging such goods or services, and holds an annual public hearing that would review and discus the nutritional value of food and beverages sold at school. A contract for an electronic product or electronic service would require a prior public hearing before the governing board and, if approved, would provide written notice to parents of the advertising on such electronic product or service and would provide parents with the right to request their child not be exposed to such advertising. A School District government board would be permitted to sell non-exclusive advertising, services, and products and would be permitted to post public signs indicating their appreciation of a business’s or of a person’s support of the district’s education program.


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